Window Safety Spray for Birds

Window Safety Spray for Birds

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Many songbirds will establish a territory, perhaps by your home, and vigorously defend that territory. This can occur at any time, but occurs most often in spring, with males.

Sometimes a territorial bird will discover his or her own reflection in your window.  The bird perceives this reflection to be another bird competing for its territory and mate—so the bird attacks its own reflection.  This attack can take the form of repeated pecking or scratch at your window.  Often the bird will repeatedly fly up and bump or bang into your window.

These repeated attacks deplete a bird's energy.  The attacks put the bird’s own health and the health of its nesting young at risk.

Stop Bird Attack eliminates the bird's reflection in the window, calms the bird, and stops the attack. The product is a removable, white coating that may be sprayed on any window under attack. Stop Bird Attack is effective for Northern Cardinals, American Robins, California Towhees, and other territorial birds.

CONTENT: 9 ounce aerosol can. Made in the USA.

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