Syria Before the Deluge

Syria Before the Deluge

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Photographs by Peter Aaron

Syria Before the Deluge presents photos of Syrian architectural monuments taken by acclaimed architectural photographer Peter Aaron in 2009. Nearly all the featured monuments have since been destroyed or damaged during the Syrian Civil War.

“As an architectural photographer I made pictures of the ancient ruins of Palmyra, Aleppo, Damascus and other Syrian sites during a visit in April 2009 using a digital camera converted to capture only infrared light which darkens blue sky, lightens foliage and enhances the texture of stone. During the civil war that began in 2011 much of what is shown here has been badly damaged or destroyed.
I strongly believe that these images of the now-shattered sites I had the good fortune to see should be shared with my fellow Westerners. Most of us have no idea of the cultural riches there: Damascus, in 2009, rivaled Rome for archaeological interest, and Palmyra was at least the equal of Petra. And most of us will never have the opportunity to go there—at least not for the foreseeable future.”

Peter Aaron


Hardcover, 86 pages

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