Persian Designs and Motifs

Persian Designs and Motifs

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Author: Ali Dowlatshahi

Over the centuries, Persia (Iran) has borne the brunt of periodic invasions. Elements of these foreign cultures, including Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Mongolian, and European influences, were incorporated into the native artistic tradition but transmuted by Persian artists into a highly original and uniquely Iranian style. This outstanding collection of motifs comprises over 400 examples of this rich tradition, ready for use in a multitude of design areas.
Ranging from prehistoric pottery painting to 20th-century calligraphy, this volume spans the full spectrum of Iranian art, including the Achaemenian, Parthian, Sassanian, and Safavid eras. Included are designs drawn from textiles (weaves, printed fabrics, embroidery, carpets), ceramics (pottery and tile), carved and incised work (stucco, stone, metal), miscellaneous ornament, book illustration, and calligraphy.
The author, a native Iranian and well-known artist, has carefully rendered designs from original masterpieces in public and private collections around the world. The motifs include floral patterns, geometrics, arabesques, mythical creatures, rosettes, paisley patterns, palmettes, medallions, border and marginal decorations, scrolls, curves, and hunting scenes.
Embodying the sumptuous detail, rich texture, and elaborate ornamentation that constitute the glory of Persian art, these motifs also exemplify the Iranian artist's traditional devotion to symmetry, harmonious pattern, and purity of line and form.

Paperback, 110 pages

Publisher: Dover Publications

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