Ledge Lake Leaf Labyrinth

Ledge Lake Leaf Labyrinth

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Photographs by Nora Scarlett

Photographer Nora Scarlett hiked, climbed, scrambled and bushwhacked throughout the Shawangunk Mountains for over ten years to create this visual story of a region she so loves her own big backyard a diverse area of glaciated slabs dotted with gnarled pitch pines, dark hemlock groves, striking cliff faces, deep crevasses, mossy swamps and sparking blue lakes. She quested for iconic ridge views under dramatic conditions as well as intimate vignettes of smaller, often overlooked scenes. She suffered frozen hands during unexpected snowstorms in November and batted mosquitoes and black flies in the June swelter. With her eye for the unusual, the unexpected and the visually bold, the result, an uncommon collection of compelling images, is presented with a mix of drama, passion, whimsy and humor. Featuring 188 gorgeous full-color photographs, a hand-crafted map of the region, and a foreword by Robert K. Anderberg, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for the Open Space Institute.

Hardcover, 168 pages

Publisher: Black Dome Press