Keene Valley Region Waterfall Guide

Keene Valley Region Waterfall Guide

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Author: Russell Dunn

The North Country’s most prolific guidebook author leads the way to more than 100 waterfalls in the Heart of the Adirondacks—the High Peaks region from North Hudson to Keeseville, and from St. Huberts to Lake Placid

In his foreword, Neal Burdick asked: “Are we so captivated by waterfalls because they are so mysterious? Most waterfalls lie in wait for us in the deep dense forest, in a gorge, around a bend. Frequently we hear them first; where are they, and what do they look like? We must explore.”

Dunn described his search:, “Many of the hikes I undertake are solo endeavors and sometimes lead to places far from roads and paths. Many involve descents into steep gorges where waterfalls may or may not lurk. Some require scampering up streambeds filled with stones and giant rocks.

“It became fun to try to find obscure waterfalls that had vanished from contemporary awareness. Seeking out these forgotten waterfalls was equivalent to going on a treasure hunt.” In this, his most personal guidebook to date, Dunn invites the reader to join him in his quest to find these hidden gems in the wild forest.