Olana's Court Hall Window Scarf
Olana's Court Hall Window Scarf
Olana's Court Hall Window Scarf

Olana's Court Hall Window Scarf

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Custom made for the Olana Museum Store by Lindman New York, this silk scarf is a must have for the Olana enthusiast. Inspired by the paper cut glass window in the main house of Olana's corridor. 

Along the edging of the scarf it reads "Lindman New York custom made for Olana" in orange font. 

Dimensions: 34” x 34”

A note from Carl Lindman:

“As any student of American art, I knew who Frederic Church was.  A celebrated artist, who painted beautiful but old fashioned and not terribly exciting landscapes.  At least that’s what I thought until I visited Olana. The artwork that is Olana revealed a different Church from the one I had studied.  Even before I entered the house, I was struck by the patterns and colors that surrounded me. As soon as I walked in, I knew my initial impression was no exception.  In every room Church demonstrates his command of complex colors, an ability to mix and match patterns as well as an understanding of light and texture. Far from old fashioned, Olana’s creator proved to be an artist whose work remains exciting and inspiring.

As the creative director of Lindman New York, a custom neckwear company, I found the aesthetic experience thrilling. My mind immediately began to transfer Church’s designs onto scarves and neckties. The visual abundance, however, made it difficult to focus. I knew that one visit was not enough. 

Back in my design studio my team and I began to develop a range of designs for scarves and ties, which we presented to The Olana Partnership. 

I am very excited to present the result of that endeavor which is now available for purchase.”

Carl Lindman