Catskill Peak Experiences

Catskill Peak Experiences

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Edited: Carol Stone White

For the last forty-five years, mountain climbers in the Northeast have joined the quest for membership in the Catskill 3500 Club, reserved for hikers who summit all thirty-five Catskill Mountain peaks over 3,500 feet high. Adding to the challenge, four peaks must be climbed in winter, and thirteen of the peaks are trail-less.

Despite all obstacles, from blizzards to raging thunderstorms, ice storms, broken bones, heart attacks, subzero temperatures, disorientation, intense fatigue - you name it - they kept coming back for more, and today over 1,700 men and women have earned their membership badge and they all returned with stories to tell.

Sections include:

Marathon Hikes • Wildlife Encounters • Wild Weather • Navigating in the Wilderness • Misadventures • Winter Adventuring • Lost in the Wilderness • Mysteries • Reminiscences • Catskill Mountain Highs

Paperback, 320 Pages

Publisher: Black Dome Press