Bee People DVD

Bee People DVD

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Bee People raises the bar and provides an in-depth look at the people who are facing the challenge on behalf of the bees, making a difference, and urging everyone to join them on a planet-saving mission! Who are these bee people? What compels them to do what they do? And most importantly, what is the solution they propose?

This acclaimed documentary takes movie goers inside the world of bees – and the people who keep them. Shot on location in Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Englewood, Fort Collins, Red Rocks & Strasburg), New York (Queens, Rego Park, NYC), and New Jersey (Liberty Corner), Bee People is not just a documentary – it’s an adventure!

The film begins with a look at the disturbing news associated with Colony Collapse Disorder. Bees are disappearing at alarming numbers. A vital partner in the creation of fully one-third of our food supply, bees have provided sustainability on earth for nearly 100 million years. What is the cause? This film dives in to not only explore the possibilities (nicotine based pesticides, mites, an as yet undiscovered virus) but it seeks to find the solution: more Bee People! Every two miles!

“In America right now, we have approximately three million beehives lost to retiring beekeepers. That’s one reason why I feel its so important that we reach the younger generation by coming into these school systems and talking to the children about the importance of honeybees, pollination and hopefully in the future, they’ll become beekeepers”, says Gregg McMahan, owner of Rocky Mountain Bee Removal, Relocation and Education out in Suburban Denver, CO. One part rock-star, one part bee evangelist known as “The Bee Guru”, McMahan is the most passionate member of who has two hives of her own and a passion for bees, and Detective “Tony Bees” Planakis – a legendary Bee Cop who is well known in New York City for being the go-to guy to retrieve bee swarms invading Manhattan landmarks! 

102 minutes


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