A Murderous Summer at Bard

A Murderous Summer at Bard

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Author: Glenda Ruby

Along the Dutchess County Gold Coast are many mansions, their 19th century grandeur burnished by 21st century fortunes.
Bard College, with its distinguished academic traditions, national prominence in progressive education, and exceptional architectural specimens set amid a pastoral campus seems an idyllic place.
The Bard Summer Music Festival attracts the good and the great of the Valley to celebrate the classics, the avant garde, and new works. But on a beautiful evening, the tranquility of the campus is shattered by…murder.
And not one murder, but many.
“As I look back, now that the deaths are behind us,
I realize the problem was right in front of me all summer.
Not the problem, but several problems which eventually intersected.
I will lay out the facts.
See if you are able to deduce what was about to happen.
I was not.”

So begins the second of the Hudson Valley Murders, a series for lovers of mystery and wit.

Paperback, 241 pages

Publisher: Greendale Books

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